Business Plan Workbook


The business plan workbook is here to help you lay the foundation. Starting and growing a business is like building a house. When you begin thinking about building a house, you start with blueprints or a written plan. Then you put your plan into action and lay the foundation. This foundation must be stable and solid because it will bear the entire weight of your house. If the foundation isn’t up to par, every addition that is made could potentially bring the entire house down. It’s the same with a business.

Creating a business plan allows you to have a firm base on which to build and grow your business.

With this workbook, you’ll be able to:

  • Set and measure your goals
  • Know when to move forward
  • Review what you’ve accomplished
  • See where changes are needed
  • Set specific goals for team members
  • Prioritize your workload so you stay on track
  • Share your strategies and objectives with business partners and team members
  • Know when to hire help
  • Network with those who have similar plans as you
  • Sell your business when the time comes
  • Obtain a business loan, if needed
  • Expand your business

    Creating a business plan doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, unless you’re trying to get a loan from a financial institution, it doesn’t even have to be formal. A simple business plan can be written in a spiral notebook, but we’re making it easier by giving you the worksheets to write out your plan quickly and easily.

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