Advertising Space on The Rebels Den


Advertising is open to all artists, bloggers, designers, writers, healers, coaches, etc. We are especially interested in products that are empowering, inspiring and motivating for people.


I love working with brands that have helpful products + services for creatives, rebels and dreamers ready to be doers.

If you have a product or service that would help in following dreams and focus on goals, I want to hear from you! If you are a creative and want to share your product + services with my community, I want to hear from you too!

Your ad will be featured on the Marketplace page!

$50 a month for 350 px by 250 px

Sponsored Posts:

I accept sponsored posts if they fit my the overall theme of my niche and blog.  I will disclose that it is a sponsored post, according to FCC regulations and use nofollow links.  $100 each.

Please send your completed post of 500+ or more words to Petra for approval to submit {at }therebelden {dot} com

Newsletter Advertising:

I will include your ad in my newsletter of over 300+ subscribers. 4 campaigns for $40.

My Rebel Year

Space in each issue is limited! All advertisements will serve as clickable links to the advertisers website.

Quarter page: $10.00 USD
Half page: $15.00 USD
Full page: $30.00 USD


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