Making A Difference In Your Own Circle Of Influence

Aug 17, 2021Inspiration

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You can also have a direct impact on your own circle of family, friends, acquaintances, church, etc. Nowadays, if you use any form of social media, you are inundated with ways to make a difference. From emotional videos highlighting worldwide causes to the fundraising needs of nationally known organizations, you likely have access to unlimited ways to make a difference for people you may never know.

Your circle of influence is directly tied to the people you see and engage with on a regular basis. These are the people you genuinely care about and have an investment in. There is a reciprocity that comes from supporting one another, and being there through thick and thin. You are never left wondering if you are truly making an impact on them or not because the answer is self-evident.

Some people love seeing the direct results of their investment of time, money, and talents. It is far easier for them to work one on one or directly with a person, or a specific agency or organization. They feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction by being a part of the solution for someone or something that they care about.

Where can you make a difference in your sphere of influence?

Home: Starting in your own home, you can make a difference with your children and spouse. Teaching a talent, providing encouragement, and creating a safe place to be is a monumental way to make a difference.

Community: Your community needs you. No matter what your passion is, there is a way to connect it with a need in your community and make an impact. Pay attention to the pleas for assistance and general needs of your hometown, and plug into the systems they have for providing support. If you see a need that isn’t being filled, consider taking steps to organize a way to close that gap and serve your community.

Business: Are you a business owner? Do you work for a company? Either way, you can make a big impact in the marketplace. Simply acting as a stable and eager-to-serve teammate can set you apart in a work environment. Many career-minded people enjoy participating in service clubs to engage and make a difference while at work.

Church: If you attend a church, there are unlimited ways to contribute time, talent, and resources. From helping in the nursery to leading a home group, there are as many ways to make a difference as you can imagine.

Whether your mindset is focused on your home, community, or business, you can make a difference within your personal sphere of influence in any number of ways. Being able to personally witness the impact you have on those around you have can be incredibly rewarding and encourage you to keep on making a difference.


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