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Jan 28, 2019Interviews

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If you watched the interview with Kevin Yates from FYM Reacts then you know how I was inspired to share the story. And for the ones that haven’t yet, I reached out to Seasons to share the story about their involvement on getting Kevin over to the US to do his show at Metal in the Mountains!

I want to preface that I did my best to edit this audio!

As with other communities and genre’s of music there’ always a community that rallies behind. And it may come to a surprise to some that it’s no different in the metal community.

Seasons, a Metal Core band out of Richmond, Virginia. “Formed in 2017, the band SEASONS started out with 5 dedicated musicians that all have had previous successful bands and a strong passion for performing high energy shows and top-notch influential songs. The band is comprised of two high-level guitarists, Matt Poe, and Matt Gregory. A seasoned bassist named Chad Pritchett. A well-versed drummer named Randall Sykes and a talented veteran vocalist by the name of Kent Stewart”. (from their ReverbNation Site)

Something that stands out is their community-oriented focus, in which they rally behind other bands, supporting them and sharing the music that they enjoy and so much more.

One of my own personal favorites from Seasons, however, is “Call me Karma” and “The Serpent”.

From following a conversation about bullying and a recent story that made news (I wrote my piece about it here), from the Bands Facebook Page they wrote the following: “Our song Call Me Karma was actually inspired by the story of the David J Cobb Foundation who we learned of from our friend Erica Plunkett.

And even though they hadn’t any shows scheduled I am excited that they get to share the stage with Trapt OFFICIAL and Tantric. This is just before Metal in The Mountains! Want in on the show you can get your tickets here: And if you are so inclined, please take a screenshot of your purchase as the link the band was given is temporarily offline. This is the only way they’ll get credit for ticket sales and message them here with the picture Facebook

And of course, you can see them at Metal in the Mountains and you can get your tickets here.

Find Seasons here and connect with them!




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