Interview with Dan White from Metal in the Mountains

Jan 21, 2019Interviews

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I’m excited to share the interview with Dan White today. Dan is the co-owner and Promotions Manager of KingPin Events Promotions and part of the brains of Metal in the Mountains.

Dan and I are talking about Metal in the Mountains, his side of the story behind Kevin from FYM Reacts making it to the event and about the support in the Heavy Metal Community. And again I am fascinated by how the whole thing came about and how the community world wide rallied together.

We did raw a small comparison to other genres but by all means, we are not trying to offend them nor are we saying one genre is better than another. I feel like I need to put this disclaimer in here as well (not just the video).

Part of our conversation does revolve around the bad reputation Heavy Metal has received over the years. I can remember back in the ’80s and the warnings of “don’t play the record backward because you are summoning the demon” but this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to other genre’s.

We touch on the part, both of us having attended another rock festival how there wasn’t a fight that we were aware of and merely just a car on fire on the parking lot.

And no I am not saying there weren’t other issues but I don’t recall a fight is all I am saying. And for a genre that tends to get a lot of negativity, I think that’s pretty cool.

Dan shares with us a little about how they are organizing what band will attend and clearly sharing that it isn’t about who is best and who isn’t. There’s a method to their madness and being strategic about the line up so that the event can continue to be successful year after year.

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