How To Find Your Target Market

Who do you want to sell to? If you can’t answer this question right away, you need to figure out who you’re selling to as soon as possible. Good marketing is geared toward certain types of customers. If you know who these people are, you can use marketing to its fullest potential.

With careful research and analysis, you’ll be able to figure out who your target audience is and make marketing that blows their minds because it relates directly to them. Read on to find out more. 

Target Market
Photo by Dominika Roseclay

Imagine Your Ideal Customer

There will be one ideal customer that your product or service can help more than anyone else. Think about who that might be. We don’t mean one real person you’ve connected with in the past; we mean you can create that perfect customer in your head using all the information you’ve discovered running your business and helping people. 

Once you have that ideal customer, you can ensure that you target all your marketing to them. Direct advertising options such as email marketing, social media advertising, direct mail, and focused web advertising enable you to precisely contact your target market. You can boost the odds of converting your target audience into paying clients by customizing your message and product to their demands.

Consequently, your advertising money will be used more efficiently, and your return on investment will be better. Speak to advertising agencies for help so that you can ensure your ads are directly linked to the person you are most wanting to sell to. Once you’ve done that, you should find that you can reach the right people in the right way, and that will lead to more sales and more profits. 

Identify The Problems You Solve 

The above is a good start, but you can make things even more precise when you consider the types of problems you solve. Whatever you are selling, it must solve a problem, and it should solve that problem for your pre-determined ideal customer. 

Combining these two ideas will enable you to really narrow down your advertising and the market you want to promote your products to. This might not sound like the best idea because, after all, you want to sell you more people, but by advertising to those who have the highest likelihood of buying from you, you’ll make the most of your advertising budget and not waste your money. 

Carry Out Surveys

Of course, none of this is going to work well if you have made a mistake in any of your research, which is why it’s important to confirm your findings before you start advertising to the wrong people. 

To do this, send out surveys to those who have bought from you in the past or who have considered buying from you but haven’t yet (if you have that information, of course). When you do this, you can compare the real results against your buying persona and make adjustments if necessary. 

Some business owners will do this first and then use the results to create the buying personas from scratch, but this is not necessarily a good idea. If you do this, you won’t be doing any of your own research, and that could mean you miss out on something crucial that will help you grow your business. 

Knowing who your target market has to be the first step for any business that wants to advertise and get results, so ensure you make time to do it well. 

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