This is coaching for multi-passionates, rebles, creative and the ones internally driven to go against the status quo.

I believe in giving you the space you need to be yourself so you can gently move through the resistance, create the life + business you want while also calling you out on your excuses.

Let’s be honest!

  • You have a lot of interests and you always struggle with what to focus on and want to find a way to mesh it in a way that works for you and who you are!
  • You also struggle a bit with perfectionism and it’s impacting you because you don’t get things started, let alone finished and your creativity is suffering as a result.
  • You have been doing all the “right things” only to find yourself unfulfilled and annoyed because seriously the same routine every single day sounds like a bad horror movie.
  • You know that systems in your life + business make sense but your are internally revolting against creating a schedule even if it could be THE thing that finally helps you get sorted.
  • You have been told that niching down will bring you the success you want but what they didn’t tell you is how deflatd you will feel by not honoring who you are.

Ready to do your own thing and get shit done with someone who not only gets it but has been there?

We’ll kick it off with an hour long call via zoom so I can get to know you – get to know all about you!

During our call, we will talk about your wants and needs and how I can support you while we work together. I want to make sure that I understand where you are right now and where you want to be at the end of our time working together and we will create a plan of action to make things happen.

After our initial call, you’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxer Monday through Fridays and no the weekend don’t count towards our time together.

This can be for challenges you are facing, mindset stuff that comes up, the resistance towards taking a specific action or you have a question about anything related to what you are working on and need my help with.

Once you’ve answered the questionnaire, paid the invoice and yes even signed the contract, I’ll be in touch to schedule our call!

But I want you to be absolutely sure that you do in fact want to work with me and that you…

  • Are clear that you will have to do the work in order to achieve the results that you want. This means you are going to show up for yourself and ask for the support, guidance, and coaching you want and need.
  • Have at least some idea of what you want to be, do and have and just need someone who can help you get sorted and eliminate the fear that is currently ruling your creativity.
  • Understand that while I am absolutely on your side and work with you, you are in charge. I am here to fully support you in your journey when you need to brainstorm and receive feedback with a willingness to receive a different perspective.
  • Know I am also down-to-earth, keeping it real and funny as hell – even if I am the only one laughing at my jokes and that I sometimes blurt out curse words because they fit, make sense or really convey what I am trying to say.
  • Know me just a little bit because I am direct and straight to the point. I don’t like sugar coating things nor do I dance around the bush when you are looking for support, guidance and answers. I am here to share my knowledge, wisdom and experience with you which sometimes requires me to all you out on your excuses!
  • You know that you are the expert on yourself and in your own life but that having guidance to help you tap into your own wisdom so you can find a way of doing your thing that honors everything about you will lead you to the sweet spot in your life. 

Let’s do this, shall we?

1 Month

1 Hour coaching call

Unlimited Voxer


3 Months

1 Hour coaching call

Unlimited Voxer


After our initial call, you’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxer Monday through Fridays and no the weekend don’t count towards our time together.

Payment Plans are available upon request only. Send us an email to

I’m Petra Monaco

I’m a mom, author, serial entrepreneur and a creative soul, just like you.

For more than I like to admit (17 years) I always said I would write a book about my life and when my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, I knew the time had come.

In 8 weeks, I finalized the draft and published it. Since then I have written books in 2 weeks, hosted a online summit under two months (from idea to execution) and achieved numerous other projects (5 books in total, 4 coloring books, running a handmade business).

But I had to fight the resistance, rebel through fear, made friends with my inner demons, and learn how to keep my butt in the chair to do the work.

So I know you can start to take action with support, encouragement and a little fun along the way!

Sometimes having someone in your back pocket can make all the difference in the world to finally achieve that THING you’ve been wanting to do for so long!

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