I’ve been blogging since oh I think 2005 and it’s taken me a few years to figure a few things out. And while blogging is different now than when I started, it’s never too late to start blogging now. And the Rebels Den is a rather new blog that only got started 3 months ago and I still refer back to the Blogger’s Toolkit as a resource.

In fact, I think it’s even easier to get started now, with so many technical tools available to make the process easier, plus tons of trainings to help you start off on the right blogging foot.

But blogging training and courses can be expensive (especially if you aren’t making any money yet), so when I find a good deal, I want to tell everyone about it!

And one of those good deals is called the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. This edition was first sold in October 2018, but it’s back for a short, 48-hour sale. Yay! 

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a digital collection of trainings and tools to get you started on your blogging journey. It will give you step-by-step instructions to make your blog successful in 2019 and beyond. 

Curious what it includes? 

When you buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, you’ll get access to: 

  • 15 eBooks
  • 41 eCourses & videos 
  • 9 printables & workbooks
  • 5 templates
  • 5 stock photo collections
  • and 2 membership sites

… all curated to give you a comprehensive blogging education that will grow with you as you hit each blogging milestone – at a price that’s too good to miss!

But the sale ends soon – so if you want to start blogging and waiting for the right time, this is it!

Grab your bundle now!

You can go around and ask any one of your favorite bloggers what they wish they would have done when they first started their blogs, and I’m guessing they’d each say something like:

I wish I would have started my email list from Day One!

And yes, I too wish I would have started that from day one. In addition to figuring out your topic for the blog, building your email list is really important. So I want to point out that part of the Tool Kit is an eCourse called Irresistible Email: The Art of Attracting, Captivating, and Nurturing Your Tribe of Raving Fans, created by Ruth Soukup.

In this 10 video eCourse, you will:

  • Discover not only how to grow your email list, but how to actually harness its power
  • Pinpoint ways you might currently be getting this whole email thing wrong
  • Craft your voice and create blog posts, lead magnets, Facebook ads and emails using ready-to-use scripts and templates
  • Compare the pros and cons of various email platforms (plus, get Ruth’s favorites and why)
  • Determine when and how to invest in your growth

Normally, this eCourse sells for $297, but for just a few more days, you can get it for just $97! (That’s more than 60% off!)

List Growth

But that’s not all…

I’ve also been using Pinterest to grow my email list, so I was also excited to review Kate Ahl’s workbook. With Grow Your Email List Using Pinterest (value $37), Kate will teach you:

  • how to create your first lead magnet
  • the programs to use and 
  • how to strategically pin to Pinterest to get more email subscribers from Pinterest

And then, there’s the Igniting Your List Incentive eCourse (which normally sells for $47) that will teach you to create a tantalizing lead magnet to grow your list.

All together, these resources normally sell for $381, but you can get them all for $97.

Here’s how to do it:

All of these are part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, a collection of 77 eCourses, eBooks, printables, workbooks, membership sites, and more that comes around just once a year! 

Now, I get that it’s a HUGE number of resources, but here’s the thing… even if just a handful of products apply to your life right now, it’s well worth the investment. 

And the best part is this collection is yours to keep. It isn’t going anywhere. 

So whenever you decide to focus on a new area (monetization, affiliate marketing, design & branding, webinars, and more!), you’ve got resources ready and waiting.

Everything in the bundle can be yours, but only if you buy it before it goes off sale at midnight!

Sound good?

Click here to get everything you need to build a more successful blog

But don’t wait too long, because there is no right time and one day doesn’t excist. If you want something to happen, start now in this moment right here.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit