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Oct 25, 2021Business

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Create and set up autoresponder messages based on that freebie and based on the goals you have for the people who downloaded that freebie. You can use these ideas to get started with ideas for your autoresponder series.

  • Thank You Email – Once your target fills out the form to get the freebie, they should receive an email right off that thanks them and gives them a link to the download page. If you have a good system that delivers the download right away, that is even better, but you still want to send the thank you page with another link to the download.
  • Get to Know Me Email – Once they’ve gotten on the list, it’s your chance to tell them more about you. Tell them about what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and invite them to get to know you more by sharing your books, your blog, or other platforms where they can find you.
  • Get This Offer While It Lasts Email – Set up another message for the next day or in a day or two that gives them another offer based on what they downloaded. For example, if they’re trying your free trial, you may want to give them a chance to sign up now for a discount.
  • How’s It Going Email – You want to find out how they liked the freebie, so send an email asking them how it’s going and ask if they need any additional assistance. Invite them to a group of others who are using your advice to get more help. Ask your list member to reply to the email directly to get more help.
  • Here’s a New Blog Post Email – If you have blog posts relevant to the freebie, set up a autoresponder messages sending them to the relevant blog posts and information.
  • Do You Need Additional Help Email? ñ When they’ve had enough time to consume and use the freebie and form an opinion about it, send them an email offering additional help. Ask them for feedback. You can send an email or a survey for this one.
  • Cross Promotional Email – Let your subscribers know where you are on social media, what books you’ve written, or where you guest post, and so forth. The more information that you can provide about what you’re doing, the more they’re going to trust you.
  • The Next Offer Email – Don’t be afraid to make offers in email based on your list member’s behavior. The next offer in your product funnel is a good option, as are other affiliate products that relate or complement what you do.
  • A Great Product or Resource Email – Send your subscribers an email telling them about the products and services they need to be successful based on your niche. Use affiliate links to monetize this email and list. Hint: You can make this a stand-alone page on your site and just send them the link.
  • An I Want to Know More About You Email – Don’t forget to send an email asking them about themselves. You can ask one question, or you can send them a survey to get to know them more.
  • My Resource List Email – Send them an email telling them about your sources of products and services and so forth if it relates to them. For example, if you teach others to build an email list, send them a resource list of all the products you use with affiliate links to build your email list.
  • A Reminder Email – Send an email reminding them of why they downloaded the freebie, and where to get more information about their issues, and how they can solve their problems.
  • An Upsell Email – Make them an offer for the next level product or service you have in your funnel.
  • A Down Sell Email – If they don’t take you up on the bigger product or service, offer them something smaller.

The main thing is to send emails at least every day but make sure the emails in your autoresponder messages are worthwhile and useful. If you send information to them that is not relevant, they are going to be trained not to open your emails. Make each email worthwhile to open, and soon they’ll be opening all your emails.


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