Following your dreams and focusing on your goals can feel a bit scary and overwhelming.

From where I stood a few years ago, it seemed completely impossible for me to create the life I wanted – a life that’s filled with passion and purpose but also embracing who I am and leaving my mark in this world.

Now I wake up knowing who I am, what I am about and show up in it instead of watching from the sidelines.

My intuition guides me in every way. I go to bed knowing that every day is the best day of my life and an appreciation of all the pieces that make my life so meaningful.

When I came to the United States at 18 it was the first step in changing my world – but my immigration story isn’t about finding the American Dream. It was about finding the place I fit in and along the way, I learned that I fit into my life however I want to create it. In the process, I realized that it meant to not conform to everyone else’s idea of what life should look like.

But first I had to live in the box of conformity, to go to college and be the best whether it was earning my bachelor’s in Accounting making the National Deans List 3 years in a row or earning my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling being part of the Honor Society – even though my personal life was falling apart.

And so, I left my marriage, moved to a new area where my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, blended my family with my partner, and worked as a therapist living my assumed purpose in this life – but I was still unfulfilled and struggled to exist in the traditional way of living your life.

We barely were able to feed our family of 6, always behind on bills every single month, and we’re in a constant battle with each other defending who we were, all the while my youngest was fighting for his life after undergoing 2 liver transplants and it was a time of frustration, hopelessness, and darkness. In the midst of everything I vowed I wouldn’t give up on my son or my own life because I didn’t make it that far to just make it that far.

The more I trusted my intuition, the more I started being myself and do what brought me joy, the easier things became. I started my day with gratitude, tuned in to what I wanted to do *that day* and felt myself coming alive realizing that I can create the life I want if and when I maintained true to myself.

Ok, let’s be honest almost watching your child die will change you from the inside out and I had hit an emotional rock bottom. But I also realized that being connected to my intuition and trusting it my life was filled with more harmony and appreciation.

I stopped waiting for “one day” or “someday” to make an appearance in my life. I created what I wanted! I wrote the books, created coloring books, and made art, and leaped into coaching + consulting business with no safety net at the bottom.


I recognized that without taking action, there will be no results.

And I started my mission to not ever quit again until I achieved what I wanted. Period.

But that wasn’t the end. Because life will keep you on your toes and it’s how you adapt to the changes as my son was receiving his third liver transplant I knew that I needed to pay attention to the lesson’s I was given in this life – that they had the answer for me to embrace my inner Rebel and now that every morning I can do whatever I want.

My partner and I embraced who we were – so different (he’s country + I’m city) and learning how to dance with one another while also being mirrors for each other to heal and grow into the best versions of ourselves. My children are watching, and I want them to know what is possible for them and that they don’t have to live in a box of conformity.

I am here to deliberately create the life I want every single day and help others do the same.

Not just in theory, but in practice.

As in embrace who you are and discover what you want to create and go on the mission to making it happen. And most importantly a strong sense of self that knows it is deserving of the goodness in life.

Petra Monaco is a published author, entrepreneur, mom and breaks the status quo for fun. As a foster kid, she knows the challenges and excuses people make as she faced them herself working her way through to become a Master’s level therapist.

However, after watching her son fight for his life due to a rare genetic disorder and three liver transplants, she now helps creatives and multi-passionates to stop waiting for “one day” and the “perfect moments’ to start creating the life they want now.

Petra does this by giving you the space to dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps, inspires you to set up your own personal framework so you can break free from fear, doubt, and overwhelm

The Rebels Den is an online space with the mission of helping you find your footing in the world so you can create the life you want – and in the process make an impact.

Sometimes in a world that works so hard to fit in you have to become the Rebel and stand out – to do things differently but always being true to who you are.  But there is so much noise telling you who to be, what to do and how to do it and it’s easy to get lost in that noise. 

We believe that your life + business can look like whatever you want it to and that you can, in fact, have the cake and eat it too!

We live in a world where we are told and taught who to be, how to be, and even how to do all things life + business. But the truth is that we tend to have the answers if we take a moment to listen to ourselves.

Yes, learn all the things but try them on like a new coat and see how they fit and decide if it is your style or not. We have so much we can give to the world when we stay true to ourselves that we can tap into our inner wisdom and find ourselves working towards being the best version of our rebel self. The version that people really love you for.

And we all have dreams, whether spoken out loud or hidden in a diary somewhere and you could be making some real moves to embracing who you want to be, do what you want to do, and have what you want to have. Someday isn’t the trend you want to follow.

You want to shake things up and make a move that will lead you to achieve your goals and with the right mindset and the steps that align with who you are, this journey doesn’t have to be frustrating or stressful. I can be fun, adventurous, and even feel a little insane sometimes.

I created The Rebels Den because I wanted a space where we could share the voices from around the world and express different experiences and share things that have worked that may work for you too. This is the space to getting help and inspiration from dreamers, creatives, rebels who are ready or already are doers.

Who is The Rebels Den for?

The Rebels Den is focused on the outsider, msitfit, rebel, creative, multi-passionaet who want to do more, be more, see more, and learn more. We’re not satisfied with being like everyone else and living a life that is cookie cutter. We’re open-minded. We’re curious. We’re excited to learn and grow. We love working out what works for us. 


What should we expect to see here?

All kinds of inspirational and motivational content from around the world.  

 Some will write for us on the regular! 

Others will be interviewed.

Why “The Rebels Den”?

I was inspired by my favorite genre of books that is all about being different and finding your own community – and sometimes that means creating it yourself if it doesn’t exist.

So many of us are different thinkers and doers that the superficial messaging makes us vomit. Life is more than rainbows and unicorns.

And we all crave connection, but the kind of connection that goes deeper on levels that doesn’t just talk about the weather but the kind that has the potentional to bare your soul to those that get you – and even if they don’t – they are always present and accepting!

We all have what it takes to achieve our goals on our own, but having a community of like-minded people is just a wee bit more powerful.

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