Following your dreams and focusing on your goals can feel a bit scary and overwhelming.

This online magazine is all about following your dreams and focusing on your goals with mission to not only inspire but also motivate + empower you into action!

We believe that your life + business can look like whatever you want it too and that you can, in fact, have the cake and eat it too!

We live in a world where we are told and taught on who to be, how to be and even how do to all things life + business. But the truth is that we tend to have the answers if we take a moment to listen to ourselves. 

Yes, learn all the things but trie them on like a new coat and see how they fit and decide if it is your style or not. We have so much we can give to the world when we stay true to ourselves that we can tap into our inner wisdom and find ourselves working towards being hte best version of our rebel self. The version that people really love you for. 

And we all have dreams, whether spoken out loud or hidden in a diary somewhere and you could be making some real moves to embracing who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have. Someday isn’t the ternd you want to follow.

You want to shake things up and make a move which will lead you to achieving your goals and with the right mindset and the steps that align with who you are, this journey doens’t have to be frustrating or stressful. I can be fun, adventurous and even feel a little insane sometimes. 

I created The Rebels Den because I wanted a space where we could share the voices from around the world and express different experiences and and share things that have worked that may work for you too. This is the space to getting help and inspiration from dreamers, creatives, rebels who are ready or already are doers.   

Hi, I am Petra.

Introverted Rebel, Artist, Author, Teacher + Coach, Doer of things and a mom to 3 boys – one with some extra needs that have forever changed my life.

I get a gazillion ideas all the time and I follow the ones that light me up, get me giddy on the inside and beg me to make them happen.

Sometimes that looks like creating a coloring book with a theme, a pyrography series or a painting collection or something personal development related – like My Rebel Year.

I do things cause I want to do them – and that also meant earning a degree in computer system administration, accounting, and mental health counseling. I am currently working on a Phd in metaphysics.

Who is The Rebels Den for?

The Rebels Den is focused on the outsider, msitfit, rebel, creative, multi-passionaet who want to do more, be more, see more, and learn more. We’re not satisfied with being like everyone else and living a life that is cookie cutter. We’re open-minded. We’re curious. We’re excited to learn and grow. We love working out what works for us. 


What should we expect to see here?

All kinds of inspirational and motivational content from around the world.  

 Some will write for us on the regular! 

Others will be interviewed.

Why “The Rebels Den”?

I was inspired by my favorite genre of books that is all about being different and finding your own community – and sometimes that means creating it yourself if it doesn’t exist.

So many of us are different thinkers and doers that the superficial messaging makes us vomit. Life is more than rainbows and unicorns.

And we all crave connection, but the kind of connection that goes deeper on levels that doesn’t just talk about the weather but the kind that has the potentional to bare your soul to those that get you – and even if they don’t – they are always present and accepting!

We all have what it takes to achieve our goals on our own, but having a community of like-minded people is just a wee bit more powerful.

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