Following your dreams and focusing on your goals can feel a bit scary and overwhelming.

The Rebels Den is on a mission to not only inspire but also motivate + empower creatives, multi-passionates, and rebels to follow their dreams + focus on their goals to become a reality.

Here at the Rebels Den, we believe that your life + business can look like whatever you want it too and that you can, in fact, have the cake and eat it too!

Let’s be real – life is too short to just look at the cake – it is meant to be enjoyed too!

But as awesome as that sounds it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Because no matter where you are in your journey, you will undoubtedly have moments like this:

  • One moment you are doing a bit of a celebratory dance and in the next moment you’re feeling a bit lost and confused
  • You can’t wait to leap into the action seeing how your ideas unfold only for someone to tell you you’re being unrealistic
  • You have a ton of ideas and get overwhelmed by them because you can’t pick which one you want to start with
  • You’ve been reading books, taking courses and following people on the socials but haven’t implemented a thing
  • You’re ready to break free from conformity but feel isolated and lonely because like-minded people don’t seem to exist

The thing is that …

Once you decide to change your life, to follow your dreams + focus on your goals it will make you question yourself over and over again and yet at the same time once you see and feel the progress you’re making, you can’t even imagine going back to the old way of being. 

And yes, there will be days where you feel alone and scared while on other days you are on top of the world. 

Congratulations, you’re not a robot! 

Also, you’re not alone. 

When you know why your following your dreams + focusing on your goals, and surround yourself with people that cheer you the heck on for doing life + business your way, you are going to enjoy every little bite of that cake. 


So here’s how we can help you…

It’s the mission of the Rebels Den to help you forge your own path and we do this in the following ways:


  • The Rebels Den Blog with a dose of inspiration + motivation
  • The Vault with resources to help you set goals, reduce overwhelm and stop procrastination
  • The Rebels Academy – the online community where you get tools, resources and a community

How it all started

I’ve been a dreamer all of my life before I came a doer. I dreamed about being a top-notch gymnast (spent 6 years training), and a musician (practiced 4 days a week with music lessons). I also dreamed about being a singer and an actress. 

My imagination was my escape from reality while living in foster care. Little did I know then that this would eventually guide me here today. But first I had to conquer the doubts, frustrations and overwhelm and it wasn’t until I faced my darkest moment that I started an internal revolution.  

A revolution that flipped the finger to all the moments of my shitty past that had kept me stuck and rewrote them to see the purpose, the lessons and discover that while I’m not a unicorn, I’m a Rebel to the untruth we were told all of our lives. And that I had dreams I wanted to follow and turn them into goals I want to focus on. 

From Dreams to Goals 

In 2005, I took my arts and crafts hobbies where I was giving things away for free and turned it into a business

In 2007, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting because I thought being a CPA would be great for my family. I made the National Dean’s List three years in a row – but this is this important? Because for most of my life I battled the demons of being and feeling stupid and unworthy of sharing my ideas. This was not the first sign that I was anything but stupid, but it was the sign I needed during that time. 

That same year, my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, pivoting my life and my career. He faced many challenges from his (3) liver transplants and there were moments we didn’t know he’d be here today. But he is and he’s, in essence, taught me that life’s too short to just exist and be miserable. And so I went on a journey on how to create a life where I could do what I wanted i.e. have the cake and eat it too!

In 2009, I published my first book finally telling my story about living in foster care and beyond. I have written 4 other books since then, not only because I could or wanted to but to create an income. 

In 2010, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling becoming a member of the Honor Society and knew that I could make a difference in this world. It’s amazing and fulfilling work but it will also tax your essence if you don’t have solid boundaries in place. 

In 2013, I launched my coaching business and after spending years of helping clients, learning about what it takes to achieve your goals as a multi-passionate, multipotentialite and one who doesn’t like to stick to the rules, I relaunched as the Rebels Den in 2019.  

And it seems in the chaos that has been my life, never thinking I’d be able to stick with anything long enough, struggling to find my footing in what I wanted, I have figured out who to mesh and blend my world as a writer, artist, and coach without having to sacrifice who I am! 

Following my dreams, taking inspired action, and focusing on my goals is my life. I get ideas and when they excite me enough, I make them happen, like my coloring books or teaching pyrography.  

Your life can look and feel like whatever you want it to

I don’t do well with black and white thinking because there are so many ways to Rome and no one journey will be the same. You grow and gain a new perspective through trial and error and falling down on your path. What will set you apart is getting back up, again and again! 

What started out as my own journey of following my dreams and focus on my goals became something I’m incredibly passionate about.

Before I knew it, other creatives started asking me for advice on how to be more self-disciplined, yet be their wild rebel self every moment without having to stick to rigid schedules that seem boring. 

I took on multiple 1:1 clients, successfully helping them get clear on what they wanted and how to make those dreams a reality by turning them into goals to focus on.

So what do I do? Whatever I want! 

I write here at The Rebels Den every day about topics that involve your life, your dreams + goals, and career! 

I interview people who follow their dreams and we talk about the good, the bad, and the shit days that are going to happen but how they keep going anyway. 

I create art because that is a huge part of who I am and I write books when I am so inclined to do! 

And most importantly I help clients create the vision of the life they desire by following their own dreams and turning them into goals. I sometimes wear a coach’s hat, and other times a consultant + marketing hat. I meet my clients where they are because that’s absolutely important to me. 

Don’t get me wrong. Following your dreams and focusing on your goals can test you beyond your limits.

And if you’re looking for an easy way of doing things, stick to the safe way of living your life, you know the one they told you would reap great benefits: go to college, get a career and die. 

But truly committing to the life you want to create following your dreams and goals isn’t easy. It will make you question your sanity, stir the internal messages that you’ve had tucked away so carefully and it will remove people (friends and family) from your life because they can’t see what you can.

 Listen, my first book took 20 years before it became a thing on amazon.

20 years of me talking about what I would do one day while on the inside feeling like a flake. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I definitely didn’t know about self-publishing. But the moment a friend told me, it took 9 weeks to finish and publish the book. 

And if I could do it once, I could do it again and again. And since then I take inspired (often immediate) action on ideas that come to me. I don’t have time to waste and years to wonder about the what-if’s. 

We only die once and it’s our mission to live our best life possible until then. 

Someone once emailed me telling me that I shouldn’t write books because of my grammar and spelling mistakes. But what they didn’t realize is that English is my second language. 

I’ve had people tell me to get a job because I am after all the parent of a special-needs kid and well you can’t make a good living as an artist. 

Whatever messages you may receive internal or external following your dreams and focusing on your goals isn’t going to be easy. It will push you into growth and even change parts of you that other people won’t recognize. But I believe this to be a good thing, because it means you are becoming more of your true self. 

People come to me wanting to know how to get things done. 

You want to live a life that feels good from the inside out.

You want to do the things that light you up like fireworks in the sky.

You want to just be you unapologetically going against the status quo. 

And you know that following your dreams and focusing on your goals will take you there.

I’ve spent years honing my craft, and I want to help you lose that overwhelm.

The work that I do is person specific, meeting you where you are with techniques to master your mindset and strategies to go from dreaming to doing   based on my own personal experiences and everything I’ve learned.  

I’ve also been featured in The Huffington Post, Badassery Magazine, and the Wild Sisterhood and have done a ton of interviews.

These are the same strategies I use for my life + biz, and to help the people in my community (across my email list and social media platforms).

You can have the cake and eat it too! 

We all know that people achieve their goals. We watch them from the sidelines. And it’s time that you stop allowing fear to get in the way because it is a matter of time before the dreams you’ve been following are in fact your reality.

I’m more than just words …

I’m a mother of 3 boys.

I’m someone who grew up in foster care, moved across the ocean from Germany to the United States, a die hard coffee addict and a heavy metal music lover.  

Supporting my family and the life I want is my motivation to get myself out of bed every morning. There are things to write, art to create and concerts to go to. 

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