I want to share something with you. Remember when you graduated high school and were so excited to embark into the journey of adulthood?

Oh, the things you were so ready to do…

And then life happened.

You fell in love … you fell out of love

You had kids … but maybe you didn’t

You got a job because something had to pay the bills.

And so you started living life and somewhere along the way you’ve forgotten about your dreams and you’ve allowed frustration and heartache to rule your life.

And for a brief moment, you remember the dreams and goals you’ve had during those younger days.

  • You wanted to write books
  • You wanted to travel
  • You wanted to maybe start a business
  • You wanted to make a difference
  • You wanted to have it all

And in this journey of your life, you’ve forgotten who you are you, what you stood for and fell in line with all the things you thought you should do – after all a caring and giving person puts other people first. Always.

But right now some things stirring inside of you, waiting to unleash that you’ve decided to keep tucked away for fear of rocking the boat.


For how long?

For how long are you willing to stay hidden?

For how long are you going to say one day I will?

For how long will you allow yourself to just exist?

Honoring who you are, what you believe in and speaking your truth is the most rebellious act you can do for yourself.

Of course, it’s scary, filled with self-doubt and ego tells you it’s not safe.

But it’s also exciting, fun and adventurous.

And now, you have a choice to make.

Just exist or start living.


I know without a shadow of a doubt that the moment you choose to feel and be alive – your shell will crack open exposing the wounds that need healing.

I also know when you commit to this journey of stepping into your true self and use your voice for all the things you believe in and stand up for them – people will either be pissed off trying to keep you to stay the same or they are going to leave.

And while it hurts this is only temporary because you see that you’ve grown, stepped more into yourself and you’ve started to mends the wounds of experiences that had left you broken inside.

But how do I know all of this?

Well because you and I aren’t so different from each other. My own personal journey is filled with doubt, frustration and self-loathing and it was the only thing I knew how to do well. Until I stood facing the darkest moments of my life with my head up and shoulders straight – and I realized I was about to lead a revolution.

A revolution that flipped the finger to all the moments of my shitty past that had kept me stuck and rewrote them to see the purpose, the lessons and discover that while I’m not a unicorn, I’m a Rebel to the untruth we were told all of our lives.

I stopped caring too much of what other people thought and started caring about my own thoughts.

I stopped feeding the doubts and fears and started doing the scary things – even when I stood on shaky ground.

I stopped tuning into the shoulds and tuned into my intuition instead.

I have years of experience in life and in business riddled with screwing it up and fucking about – but also forgiveness, self-love and practicing radical me-ness.

And when I’m not doing whatever it is I want to do – wait- I always do what I want to do – so when I”m not spending time in The Rebels Den, I can be found watching my favorite crime shows, reading paranormal shifter romance, creating art and writing, playing soccer and running, and having the most sarcastic and awe-filled conversations with my teen while always worrying about my adult children – ah yes parenthood.

For as long as I could remember I was frustrated with everything and everything – until one day I saw how I could turn this into something a bit more useful. I’m not saying I don’t get frustrated on occasion but I also don’t stay there for very long. You don’t have to either. 

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