Follow your dreams + focus on your goals and fuel them with heart, intuition and soul

Ever wish you had someone to help motivate you & hold you accountable with your goals each day?

I get it…

It’s so hard to work towards your goals on your own. That’s why I’m here to help you! It’s time to STOP STRUGGLING & start winning!

For 30 days, I work one-on-one with a small group of people ready to commit and show up to do the work!

My Accountability Coaching is here to help you know EXACTLY what you want, learn HOW to make it happen, and I’m going to do everything I can to help each person make active progress toward their goal(s).


You are more likely to achieve your goal when you have someone that can support you during moments where it might be difficult to show up or when you aren’t sure what step would be the best one that aligns with your goal!

So often my coaching clients have shared with me how they would have achieved their goals if they had someone that would be there, in their back pocket to brainstorm, bounce ideas off and hold them accountable.

When you set your goals, you are always excited and ready to achieve them, that is until your daily routine sweeps in and soon the excitements for your goals reduces and your goals become a never done TO DO LIST and frustrating.

So what do you need to do?

You get someone that will support and offer you the guidance you require to achieve your goals. You have someone in your corner that shows yourself that you are committing to actually creating an actionable strategy for your goals and GOING HARD to achieve them.

Imagine having someone provide you with motivation, assurance, and support in you achieving your goals.  On the days when you feel like you cannot see the way, I can help you with solutions to your strategy

The 30 Day Accountability Coaching is perfect for you if you are in need of someone to help you achieve your goals. In 30 days, we will work through:

  • Mindset (What’s stopping you from achieving your goals)
  • Current strategy on how you achieve your goals
  • The desired outcome once you have achieved your goals

During the 30 Day Accountability Coaching, we will review your goals and create a working strategy that is aligned with you and your WHY to achieving your goals.

  • You will get to work with me for 30 days and will have regular contact with me through email and voxer for one-on-one time!
  • Your personalized goal plan with achievable action steps- customize your plan around your weekly schedule.
  • Accountability check-ins with me via email or voxer (your choice) 5 days each week
  • Goal progress checks & plan progress reviews; plan adjustments if needed.
  • My Rebel Goal Workbook and any other tools + resources benefitting your journey

This is only for the person who is committed, ready, and able to show up and do the work!

Your investment is $250

Stop wondering who you will be, what you will do, and what you are going to have in the next year and instead dream it, set your intentions, and take action to make your dreams + goals come true.

Without goals

  • you will stay exactly where you are right now
  • you’ll be stuck in the same shit different day routine
  • you silence your intuition and soul
  • oh did I mention life won’t change?

With goals

  • you get clear on where you’ve been and where you will go
  • you let your intuition and soul play with dreaming big
  • you will learn what you need in order to grow
  • your life will change over time with juicy goodness

Ready to get focused and achieve your goals?

Hey there, I am Petra!

So you may be wondering exactly who the heck I am and why learning from me could be a good thing!

♥ Grew up in Foster Care since age 2 and dealt with feelings of worthiness, being enough and deserving of a good life. I rewrote the story from reject to success.

♥ Immigrated to a country I knew nothing about nor did I speak English at 18 with an 8 months old baby. Handled culture shock + judgments with a smile on my face.

♥ Lived a life from paycheck to paycheck frustrated for not finding a break or winning the lottery to be the answer to my problems. Discovered I am the answer to my problems and became my solution.

♥ Dreamer, who was told that I couldn’t have the cake and eat it too. My dream? To make art, to write + to help people, and make money. And this is exactly what I do these days so that cake looks mighty good and it’s yummy too!

♥ I know what it’s like to make excuses for not writing that book, launching that business, or trusting your intuition to not walk down the aisle.

♥ My intuition taught me a lesson and helped me keep my son alive for 4 years with an undiagnosed genetic disorder and the day of his diagnosis I decided to ditch all of my excuses.

♥ The greatest gift I gave myself is to be true to me, to be clear on who I am, and to stop pretending something/someone I am not. It didn’t come without a fight because no one really wants to rock the boat, but it was absolutely worth it!

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