3 Tips that could help you in life and business

Dec 1, 2019Tips'n'Tools

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There is no one size, one system or one path that fits all but here are three tips that could help you in life and business. To think that there is could be is an illusion and a huge disservice to you. There are plenty of strategies you could engage in but if they don’t feel good, then you are making it so much harder on yourself.

Be open to learning

You don’t know, what you don’t know and the only way to know is to learn. Shutting yourself out from the openness to new information causes you to stay stuck and hinders the progress you would like to see in your life or business.

You don’t really know if something feels good until you’ve taken the action to implement. I prefer writing rather than going live on Facebook. I know this because I have gone live on Facebook but I also know that I would probably connect with my audience more if I did go live. And yet, I choose to write or pre-record most anything I do.

Tune into your intuition

Your intuition will help you discern what feels good, what information you want to apply and guides you on your own journey. They someone achieves their goals, may not be your way, trust that this is okay.

Your intuition has no room for envy on how someone achieves their success. We are all on a different path and while the journey can look similar, how it’s achieved may not be.

If your intuition doesn’t scream “hell yes” then either explore why that is so you can address whatever is getting in the way or ignore it and just keep going with what your intuition is guiding you towards.

Implement what feels good

Building your business and following your creative passion requires you to be open to learning and process the information. For creatives, I believe it also means turning into your intuition and tune into how you feel about implementing what you have learned.

Yes, there are things you have to do that you don’t necessarily enjoy and could potentially be delegated, but that’s not always possible. So what if you have to be a bit more proactive about the things that don’t feel good?

Start with saying “I get to do x, y, and z… instead of “I have to do x, y, and z …”.

That little reframe can help you be more willing to do things that you’re not necessarily fond of. For example, “I get to go on Facebook Live to connect with my audience” feels a lot better than saying “I have to get on Facebook Live to connect with my audience”.

And truly, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, okay well except maybe paying taxes and such, but when it comes to your life or your business. you don’t have to do anything except what you want.

So decide what you want and then engage in the 3 tips that could help you in life and/or business.

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