The playground for embracing who you are and birthing your creative ideas into the world.

Let’s be real for a moment:

Everyone can simply exist – to get up, go to work, go home and sit in front of the TV. It’s comfortable and requires little effort. It’s so comfortable that too many people stick close to what they’ve been taught all their lives not daring to rock the boat. Because if you dared to be who you are, be brave enough to do what you want, courageous enough to follow your dreams, people are sure to judge, criticize and tell you that you’re crazy. And yet, you see people all the time being unapologetic about who they are and sharing their creative notions with the world. Who do they think they are? And you want that in your world. You are tired of the same old shit on a different day.

Rebel you know it’s true… you’re a dreamer, visionary, creative and soul-centered being – with heart of course.

If that rings true then you know there’s more to life because it’s calling you like the moon calls the wolf – a force that can’t be seen but can be felt in the atmosphere. You are ready to shed what’s getting in the way – and you’ve read the books, bought the courses and liked the Facebook pages – seeking and searching for the answers on what it takes to embrace who you are and doing what you are called to do.

You’re on a mission and you know this starts with you because you are done being stuck, frustrated and confused about your own purpose in your world and beyond. It’s time to start believing in yourself, build that confidence within you and start creating your rebellion – to hell with what everyone else thinks!

I wish that snapping your fingers or wiggling your nose would be all that is needed to create a life in which you are, well you.  

But in a world, build around conformity, stepping inside of you, requires the allowing of the cracks that have already started to open to burst even wider instead of hiding them. And that requires the support of a pack (your community), the shedding of the old and the willingness to build the new.

This is what the Rebel’s Den is offering you!

Incredible support from your den members, coaching, accountability, courses, trainings and other resources for aspects of life, creative notions and business. 

 And you don’t have to sell body parts on the black market.

The Rebel’s Den is currently closed for enrollment. But you can stay in the loop by adding your deets below

You want to take your life to another level – while stepping into self-awareness, perhaps you want to write a book or start a business without having to sacrifice your soul.

Living a life that feels good, fun and looks like no other – the kind of life where you can literally say “I do what I want” is your mission – birthing new ideas and even sharing them with the world – even if people think you’ve lost your damn mind – is exactly what you are called to do.  

But just how can that unfold for you if you are unsure on where to begin?

With a little help from your friends of course.

Think about your family and friends for just a moment and be super honest: Whose got your back no matter what?

If I was a betting woman than I’d bet not too many people. I also would bet that some of those people are actually trying to keep you where you are, playing small and safe in the comfort zone of conformity.

You can’t have boundaries and put other people first.

You can’t choose that career or start a business because neither will safeguard your paycheck or provide for your family.  

And if you are like me, you are the rebel because you dream so big and beautiful but if you were to tell them to the people around you they would tell you that you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

It’s time you stop listening to people who just don’t get it because they are so stuck in their own fear? Because mercy, what if you believed that the life you want could happen for you?

And yes, you could totally do it alone because not only are you a Rebel, you’re also an introvert and perhaps even a multi-passionate.

But why would you do that when you don’t have to?

You have the potential for so much more in your life but it means walking a path lead by your soul and the side-effect just maybe that you are a little brighter, a little bit too much and the world needs people like you.

People who are willing to be a walking contradiction.

People who are willing to be disruptors of boring patterns.

People who just don’t give a thought to what other people think.

The Rebel’s Den is currently closed for enrollment.

But you can stay in the loop by adding your deets below

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded within you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This, in turn, creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough. I will, of course, stay in touch and connect with her should anything else come up.

Aishwarya L.

Committing to you and your life will absolutely be the biggest challenge you will ever face. You’ll be forced to grow, to become who you are from the inside out and it is the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

But even a lone wolf struggles to survive without support. And we all could use a little help sometimes – but I know that hiring a 1:1 coach may not appeal to you and I want you to know that’s okay – no matter what anyone else says!

If you wait until “one day” I promise you that day will never come.

The best way to move forward in your mission is to take that first step and then another, and then another.

And what does it take to create a life in which you do what you want while simply being you?

  • Focus on you and your mission
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Quit worrying about what other people think
  • Embrace your story for what it is
  • Stop blaming others and quit making excuses
  • Believe in yourself more than anyone else
  • Bathe in love, forgiveness and compassion for yourself

Not everyone can rebel through the fear and the ones that are called to step up their game, to embrace who they are , know that a pack supports one another and through this rise together.

I wasn’t born knowing how to live this life and how to go about doing it my way. I had to burn everything down over and over until I figured it out – and here’s the thing, I still don’t have it all figured out and that’s the exciting fun part of life.

But one thing is for sure, I like to see how far I can go, how many ideas I can unleash in the world, even if it’s only to say “Yep, I did that”.

And I get to share with you all that I have already learned and continue to learn when it comes to creating a life in which you do what you want and being who you are.

Petra has an amazing energy, spirit, and honesty that provided space for clarity and removing stickiness from my life. She is warm, smart and compassionate coupled with a fantastic laugh that inspires you into action and remaining doubt.

Michelle McC.

This is my dream come true, the work that lights me up like fireflies at night. Because I believe in you, your dreams and your ability to make them happen and I made it my mission to give you the tools, resources, and wisdom in the Rebel’s Den.

Everything I unleash is for the members of this pack, this community. I created the Rebels Den Playground to support you in your mission because dammit it’s time that you break way from conformity.

Join now and become part of this community of Rebels who forge their own path and birth their ideas into this world.

So you may be wondering what exactly is the Rebel’s Den?

Well, it isn’t a single program or course. It’s more like a buffet at your favorite restaurant with all the goodies – in other words, you will get instant access to a variety of courses, trainings, tools, and other resources.

Life – Goals – Writing – Business


The playground for embracing who you are and birthing your creative ideas into the world.

The Rebel’s Den is purposely designed to be self-paced so you can do it whenever you have 15-20 minutes to yourself. Everyone in the Den is on their own journey but everyone has their own wisdom to share with support, a shoulder and feedback. The annual membership makes it easy for you to take your time.

What you get:

A life you create with you at the forefront.

Goal resources to keep birthing and unleashing ideas.

Creativity tools to stop being stuck.

Business trainings to get started and birth your dream. 

No, seriously this is what you get:   


  • Simple digestible courses because I like to be straight and to the point but organized in a way so you can stay focused on your mission.
  • A community of like-minded people in the sanctuary (the forum) and a private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Office Hours so you can have the feedback, support you need on the regular! 
  • Monthly Live Q&A Sessions where I will answer your questions about life and business and all the things
  • Tools and Resources to take that extra step when it comes to life, goals, writing, and business.

Ready to embrace your Inner Rebel and follow your Spark?

Soooo am I the right person for you?

Only you can answer that but here are some things that will perhaps help you make a decision!

If you don’t mind some nurturing tough love then yes, I am your person

You own your shit – the good, the bad and the ugly

You know when to reach out for support and you do it

You are willing to stay in the room and not run when shit gets hard

You don’t mind cursing because it’s a thing in my world

You do what you need to do with fear and doubt on board

You know that I don’t tolerate bullshit behavior and that abusive towards members in the Rebel’s Den Playground will not be tolerated

Everything I share either in video, audio or written form is based on experience and the knowledge I’ve built over a 26-year diverse path (career + life .. ok 44 years in life). This is overcoming personal challenges such as growing up in foster care, single parenting, being an immigrant, a rape survivor and special-needs parent. This includes working with people in the community as a direct-support professional, mentor and therapist.

Aside from the all of that, I believe in transparency and integrity and walking my own talk, and teaching from a place of first-hand experience. I changed – or rather stepped into myself – and therefore my life and business changed and I know exactly what it feels like to face the unknown, self-sabotage yourself in working towards your goals all the while working towards embracing my own inner Rebel.

And somewhere along my own journey, I not only became passionate but obsessed with guiding others on how they can do the same for themselves. Everything I offer is a direct result of my own transformation!

Petra Monaco, Coach + Mentor, Artist, Author & Professional Rebel

Petra is a kind, loving, spontaneous, and seriously funny mindset coach! She has a great sense of humor and down to earth realness. I would especially recommend her to any woman who is going through transitional challenges in her life, work and/or business or just within herself. Petra teaches women how to deeply embody their own truth and how to go beyond the limitations of their fears​ while stretching into their true dream calling.

Luna L

What is The Rebels Den?

The Rebels Den is a playground for embracing who you are and birthing your creative ideas into the world. It comes with a sanctuary (the forum) to ensure a safe space for all of our members.

Who is The Rebels Den for?

This is for anyone ready to embrace themselves and bring their ideas into this world. 

This is for those who never fit in, feel like they never belong, don’t like what other people like and your first gut reaction is to always do the opposite. Because you and I are natural non-conformists but we have a big heart and care about the world around us.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how do I pay?

First, click the ‘Buy Now’ button. On the next page, there is an option at the bottom that says ‘Don’t have PayPal?’ Click that, and it will give you more options to pay, such as credit card. Note: A PayPal account will be required for a payment plan or subscription.

Do you have a payment plan? 

Yes! You can now join The Rebels Den on a payment plan when we are open for enrollment. Want to be informed when we are opening the doors, get on the waitlist

What is your refund policy?

It’s important to know that we offer no refunds for The Rebels Den or any of our digital products. A lot of coffee and sweat are part of the process to make sure that the value you receive is supporting your investment.

Likewise, joining via a payment plan or subscription is non-refundable. You will be required to pay the amount in full or your membership will be suspended and a claim will be made through PayPal for the outstanding amount.

For these reasons, it is important that you are fully committed to making this investment in yourself.

How much time will I need to invest in The Rebels Den?

That is completely up to you. We encourage you to set time aside every week to learn something new or do something new. Come play in the sanctuary and grow with the support of the community.

All our digital products can be downloaded and taken anywhere, so you can do the work offline – really we want you too! You can access the forum from your phone, laptop or other gadgets that connect to the internet while you’re sitting at a coffee shop.

What do I get in The Rebels Den

  • We are currently working on this. There is a ton of stuff in the works.
  • Access to the sanctuary (forum) where you can connect with like-minded people
  • The opportunity to connect and share the good, the bad and the ugly and have each other support as we all rise to the top.
  • A community to learn and grow from, friendships like no other, your questions answered by Petra Monaco.
  • A private The Rebels Den Facebook group

How long does The Rebels Den membership last for?

One year from the time of your sign up date. You will receive notice from when your membership is about to be canceled so you can make the choice to rejoin or leave. Even though we’d hate to see you go, we understand the need to make decisions that feel good and support us.

Do you have an Affiliate program?

It’s on the action plan and will be coming soon!

What if I have more questions?

If you still have questions visit our contact page.

This is why I love you!!! You call bullshit when it’s needed! I have made a CONSCIOUS effort to CHOOSE how I feel, to CHOOSE to let go of the shit I’ve been holding onto that I thought I let go of a long time ago, whoops guess not! lol and to put myself out there even more, not let a damn thing hold me back from the life I want and deserve and I’m feeling fanfuckingtabulous!!!!

Lulu A.

Ready to embrace your Inner Rebel and follow your Spark?

The Rebel’s Den is currently closed for enrollment.

But you can stay in the loop by adding your deets below

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