I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the courses inside The Playground of The Rebels Den.

Rebel Shine Bootcamp in The Playground

Rebel Shine Bootcamp

The ultimate 12-week course to embrace who you are, unleash your dreams and rise above from whatever is holding you back! 

Rise above Your Story inside The Playground

We all have a story that we cling to and it’s time to rise above it and rewrite it.

You don’t have to hang on to thoughts, beliefs and patterns that hinder you from going after what you want.

Boundaries Create Freedom

I once was told that Boundaries create Freedom is an oxymoron. BUT it isn’t because for some of us, setting and having boundaries does indeed create freedom in our world. Give yourself permission to say no and do so without guilt.

Mindset on Fire

No matter the journey, having a mindset on fire is key to achieving the kind of life that you want.

When you make a decision to go after a dream or goal – self-sabotage has this ability to show up even though you didn’t ask for it.

Rebels Academy 12-week business course

Rebel’s Academy is an entire course with videos, fun-to-do activities and in-depth guides to help you overcome obstacles and go the distance.

The Rebels Academy guides you to build your business with a solid foundation in 12 Weeks!

This is what Playground is offering you incredible support from your den members, coaching, accountability, courses, trainings and other resources for aspects of life, creative notions, and business.

As a member, you will receive material and content around Life, Goals, Writing, Business and Creativity courses – and one new course released every month. But you will also have access to planners and a private sanctuary, quarterly goal setting sessions and the opportunity to work with me 1:1!

Whatever your dream, it’s time to say today is the day because you know that deep down “one day” and “someday” don’t actually exist and they simply continue to be excuses to not take action.

Get the support and help you want and need to go the next step towards your goals because you deserve to have a life that feels amazing and is designed by you and no one else.

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