A few weeks ago I opened the doors to The Playground – you can read about it here – and then I had a Q&A post to answer some of the objections you may have. Today I am inside The Rebels Den Playground.

The Rebels Den Playground is open for enrollment

As you watch the video, you will notice there’s a heavy focus on life courses because I truly believe that where the change has to begin. I spend over 2 months figuring out the best layout in a way that hopefully makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

Inside The Rebels Den Playground

When I started laying out the pages and building the community, one of the key things I wanted was to have a private sanctuary (the forum) because I don’t believe that a Facebook group will do it justice.

With the data breaches, the chance of it not working or even going away completely, I wanted to make sure that the work we will do together in The Rebels Den would be preserved and is safe from the world outside.

Another thing that was super important to me was to keep the prices at a level that not only felt good to me from an energetic flow but I want you to have access to it – I don’t want to be out of your reach to help and support you. I put my passion and purpose in this.

Every time someone

  • puts themselves first
  • turns dreams into goals
  • takes action + implements

My heart and soul soar with a giddiness I can’t explain. It’s like the angels sing hallelujah and the stars begin to sparkle to light the path.

The Playground is also the best way I can support you in a way that doesn’t drain me and I can continue to do my artist and volunteer work as well as the interviews I do for the Blog.

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